State Laws:

Registration is Required: There are two types of registration: for public land use, renewal is once every three years and for private land use or agricultural purposes, registration is good for as long as the vehicle is owned. No one under 18 can register an ATV.

Drivers License is Required: A driver’s license is required to operate an ATV along or on public road rights-of-way.

Age Restrictions and Training: Effective January 1, 2006, anyone born after July 1, 1987 and is 16 or older, must complete an independent study course component of ATV safety training before operating an ATV on public land. ATV use on public is allowed where and how designated. Operators between 12 and 15 must have a safety training certificate and be accompanied by an adult 18 or older who possesses a driver’s license to operate on public lands. In order to be issued a safety training certificate, operators under 12 must have completed a safety training course and be able to reach and control the handlebars and reach the footrests. No operator under 12 can cross public roads or drive on public roads and lands, except an operator at least 10 years old may operate an ATV up to 90cc on public lands if accompanied by parent.

Locations not Roadways: A rider may not operate an ATV on a trail designated “not for motorized use,” posted public lands, state park lands, wildlife management areas, or unfrozen water.

Equipment Required: If an ATV is equipped with headlight and taillight, it may not be operated unless lighted at all times. All ATVs operated between ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise must have lighted headlight and taillight. All ATV riders (passengers and operator) under age 18 on public land must wear a helmet at all times.

Passengers: A person 18 years of age or older may operate a class 1 all-terrain vehicle carrying only one passenger. A person 18 years of age or older may operate a class 2 all-terrain vehicle while carrying only one passenger, or up to the number of passengers for which the vehicle was designed, whichever is greater. A person 12 to 17 years of age may operate a class 1 all-terrain vehicle carrying only one passenger and the passenger must be the person’s parent or legal guardian.